Manufacturer: Enterprise "Ekobiz"

Bishofit Poltavsky - Instead of Hundreds of Tablets

Bishofit is a unique magnesium mineral, whose role we underestimate. Most often it is associated with sanatorium treatment and bischofite baths. In fact, everything is much more serious! In fact, this is the source of life.

Procedures with the use of Bishofit Mg ++ products are recommended within the sanatorium treatment as an additional or basic therapy. With cardiovascular and nervous problems, baths with bischofit will help. Joints and back - massage, ozocerite, physio-procedures with gel bishofit. Detoxmag help to get rid of the problems of the digestive tract - a special remedy for internal application.

Doctors recommend continuing the procedure of bischofito-therapy at home, completely independently. It is very simple: rubbing and compresses with the help of Bishofit Mg ++ solution or gel, body baths and foot baths (Bishofit Mg++ "Crystalline Concentrate" for baths).

You can buy Bishofit Mg++ products in pharmacies or online stores.

Products Bishofit Mg++ are produced only in Poltava by the group of companies "Ekobiz" and "Laboratory of Natural Technologies". Beware of fakes!